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Webinar Hosting

Cullbridge provides competitively priced full-service webinar hosting using an exceptionally stable and flexible system. We've now hosted hundreds of webinars for clients who keep asking us to support them year after year. Pick and choose from our menu below and pay only for those services that you need.

Menu of Services

  • Web and Teleconference

Just $0.17 CAD or less per minute per participant for web conferencing and $0.10 CAD or less per minute per teleconference line used (toll-free from anywhere in North America). Volume discounts apply.

For an additional charge we also provide the following add-on services:

  • Webinar Setup and Preparation

We can provide scheduling suggestions, as well as tip sheets and runthrough sessions for your speakers.

  • Registration

Let us take the hassle out of organizing your webinar. We can handle registration, and send out confirmation and reminder letters. We'll even process registration payments for you if you'd like.

  • Moderation

Our experienced moderators can orient your webinar participants, assist with transitions between speakers, and facilitate the answering of questions.

  • Technical Support

Our Registrar and Moderators provide technical support by phone, text messaging and/or e-mail, leading up to and during your webinar.

  • Evaluation

We also offer web-based webinar feedback / evaluation services at minimal cost.


Track Record

Our service is based on our experience hosting over 500 webinars since 2004.

Cullbridge has been serving clients since 1993.

15th Annivsersary

Webinars for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

To date, about four in ten participants in these webinars have said that the webinars have exceeded or far exceeded their expectations and almost all of the rest have said the webinars have met their expectations; nine in ten have said they would either definitely (76%) or probably (17%) recommend the sessions to their colleagues. Seven in ten agreed or strongly agreed that they would likely apply some of the strategies and tools discussed in their own work; eight in ten agreed or strongly agreed that it would help them do their jobs better.

Comments from confidential post-webinar evaluations include the following: 

  • “Convenient and affordable, so many staff could participate. I liked the ability to ask questions and learn from what others asked. Well organized and facilitator ensured we stayed on time.”

  • “Very easy to sign in and participate from my desk. Speakers were clear. Very interactive, with the chat room. Nice to see so much participation and questions.”

  • “The interface is straight-forward. Most webinars I've participated in result in significant tech issues...this one has minor issues at worst.”

  • “Very well facilitated.”

  • “Good way to do a remote seminar - it is very immediate for the participant, and interactive. It is very much like being there.”

Cullbridge's Social Marketing Webinars

To date, roughly 95% of participants in our social marketing webinars have said they would either definitely (55%) or probably (40%) take another session this year and would recommend the sessions to their colleagues. 

Comments from our confidential post-webinar evaluations include the following: 

  • "Better than a typical conference session - more interactive, more really interested folks."

  • "The Highlights Series is a great way to learn. Whether or not a specific webinar is on your topic of work, you can still generalize the information. Makes social marketing concepts come alive." 

  • An easy-to-follow format."

  • "Informative and fun can  ask questions easily and get answers as fast." 

  • " I appreciated the use of examples and participants own input to move the lessons along while building on the theory."

  • "I plan to urge all my co-workers to participate in these webinars."

  •  "You can learn at your own desk for a fraction of what you'd pay going to an out-of-town workshop or seminar. "





Webiinar hosting

Easy access, exceptional stability, and no software to download

We make it easy for you and your participants. Our system is one of the simplest to use and most stable available. You only need two everyday office tools - a  telephone and flash-equipped web browser. Nothing to download in advance and no plug-ins to install.

Crystal clear telecom-based audio

For maximum stability and audio clarity we use toll-free teleconference lines, but participants can also listen using their speakers or a headset.

Works with any hardware platform

It doesn't matter if your participants use a PC or a Mac. Because our system is browser-based, it works the same on all platforms.


Take questions and encourage discussions via audio or text based chat. Conduct on-the-fly or more formal polling.

Call Jay Kassirer at 613.224.3800
or e-mail us for a no-obligation consultation, demo or proposal.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Issues


  • Q: I'm on dial-up - will that affect my experience?

  • A: We think you'll be delighted with the experience, even if you use a dial-up connection for your Internet service. If you sign in fifteen minutes before your session's start time, your web browser should have adequate time to download the presentation content.


  • Q: Do I need a headset or speakers?

  • A: No. You have the option of using them, but we recommend using your telephone, just as you would in a teleconference. We provide a dial-in phone number that is toll free for you and your participants. 


  • Q:  How do I see the PowerPoint presentations and other visuals?  

  • A:  You will use your web browser to see graphics. You have to be able to be on the web while you are on the phone.


  • Q:  Will I need to download any software to see the graphics?  

  • A: Only if you don't already have a recent version of Macromedia Flash and a web browser (like Microsoft Explorer).   

    • To check on the version of Flash that is installed on your computer, click here

    • To install Flash on your computer click here


  • Q: Will it work with my corporate firewall?

  • A: With a few exceptions, it has worked for everyone so far.    


  • Q:  Should I be concerned about security?

  • A: The same way you would be concerned about security when visiting websites with your Web browser.


Payment Issues

Credit cards

  • Q: Can participants pay by credit card?

  • A: Yes they can, using Pay Pal.

Currencies accepted

  • Q: What currencies do you accept?

  • A: Pay Pal enables us to accept credit card payments in CD$, US$, Euros, Pounds Sterling and Yen. 

Purchase Orders and Checks

  • Q: Can participants pay by check or purchase order?

  • A: Yes they can, if you pay in Canadian or U.S. dollars.


Connecting From Outside North America

  • Q: Can participants connect from outside North America? 

  • A: Yes they can. They will see the visuals using your web browser, just like everyone else. On request, we can provide toll-free numbers in countries around the world.

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