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Cullbridge™ builds solid bridges for our clients - ones they can use reliably to reach and engage their target audiences. Solid bridges require sound foundations. We have extensive experience with both qualitative and quantitative research, and with the subsequent development of marketing / communication strategies that work. The firm regularly conducts focus groups, telephone interviews, facilitated consultations, literature reviews, and brainstorming sessions. 

We excel in our ability to:

  • get to the core of issues;

  • identify and address relevant motivators, barriers, and points of maximum leverage;

  • grasp the complex inter-relationships among key issues and players, and identify synergistic opportunities; and

  • engage target audiences in taking action.

Representative Projects

  • Benchmarking / Best Practice Reviews / Learning From other Programs

Climate Change PEO, Community-Based Social Marketing Tool Kit, Evaluation Methods, Green Communities, Healthy Indoors, Pesticide Reduction, Tools of Change Web site, Voluntary Measures , Well Aware, and various projects for Toronto Public Health

Cross-Canada consumer focus groups: Climate Change PEO, Sustainable Communities, Healthy Housing, Healthy Indoors

Employee focus groups: Change Management Communications, Green Commute, Bell Canada

  • Literature Reviews

Climate Change PEO, Export Markets - Air Pollution Control, Sustainable Communities, Domestic Markets - Indoor Environment Industry, 20 

  • Public and Stakeholder Consultations

Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism (CHM), Healthy Indoors

Transport Canada's Sustainable Development Strategy Held national consultations for Transport Canada’s Third Sustainable Development Strategy. This involved eight full day focus groups and written comments. In collaboration with Bronson Consulting. 

South Nation Pilot Phosphorus Trading Program  Currently conducting participants and stakeholder interviews as part of an external evaluation of South Nation River Watershed’s Pilot Total Phosphorus Management Program.

  • Shopper / User Intercept Studies 

Shoppers  Researched consumers’ willingness to pay for products that mitigate climate change (such as high efficiency appliances.) This included a shopper intercept survey of 700 individuals. (In collaboration with the Summerhill Group.)

Trail Users Assisted The Environment Network in evaluating the impact of new trails.

  • Telephone Interviews

Cross Canada consumer interviews: Climate Change PEO, Healthy Housing

Cross-Canada and international stakeholder / expert interviews: Community-Based Social Marketing Tool Kit, Climate Change PEO, Domestic Markets - Indoor Environment Industry, Energy Innovators Survey, Export Markets - Air Pollution Control, Healthy Housing, Sustainable Communities, Voluntary Measures

Program evaluation interviews: Community-Based Social Marketing Tool Kit, Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism, Car Heaven, Energy Innovators Survey, South Nation Phosphorus Trading Program, Switch Out



Workshops, Webinars and Coaching

Cullbridge offers popular talks, workshops, webinars and coaching sessions on planning and evaluating social marketing programs, covering how to identify barriers and motivators related to targeted behaviours, conducting best practice research, and monitoring program impacts. Available worldwide.  

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Best Practices

Why re-invent the wheel? One of the best ways of giving your program a head start, is to begin with best practice research or benchmarking. Cullbridge is routinely carrying out this sort of research so we are set up to do it cost-effectively. We have on-file recent best practice reviews covering the following outreach topics:

  • Active transportation

  • Home  energy conservation

  • Pesticide reduction

  • Program evaluation

  • Road safety

  • Sustainable transportation

  • Water conservation / efficiency


United Nations Environment Program


Cullbridge has conducted two multilingual international telephone surveys for UNEP.                                1   2

Pesticide Reduction Best Practices

We researched the relative effectiveness of outreach approaches being used in Canada, USA and Europe for reducing the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential property.                 More

Transport Canada Consultations

We held eight day-long focus groups for Transport Canada.

Well Aware

We surveyed 400 well owners to help the Green Community Association develop its well stewardship program. 

Pilot Phosphorus Trading Program

Cullbridge is evaluating a leading edge initiative for applying economic incentives (a phosphorus trading system) for surface water management.

On-line Consultations 

We have created and/or facilitated a number of ongoing on-line / multi-media consultations including:

  • Healthy Indoors (initial website)

  • City of Toronto's Wet Weather Flow project (picture to the left)

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