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The Case Study People

Cullbridge™ has established a reputation for low-cost, high-quality case studies. We're writing them all the time - not only for our Tools of Change Web site, but also for a wide range of clients.  While we don't claim to be perfect and everyone's needs are somewhat different, we have had a lot of practice in developing case studies. That means a better product in less time and for less cost. 


Representative Projects

Best Practices in Reducing the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides on Residential Property  Nine in-depth reviews of leading pesticide reduction programs. 

Community Animation Program  Ten short representative case studies were prepared for the national synthesis of a community-based environmental health program.

Climate Change Public Education and Outreach  (PEO)  Ten full case studies were written, in order to research and illustrate a framework for supporting municipal-level climate change PEO in Canada.

Community Based Social Marketing Tool Kit  This kit includes 26 full case studies - including ten that we helped plan and evaluate - covering sustainable transportation, active living, waste reduction, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and sustainable landscaping.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities  Supported the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in delivering and managing its active transportation programs and in developing related case studies and articles.  

Tools of Change Web site  We are continually writing full case studies for our Web site Tools of Change: Proven Methods for Promoting Health and Environmental Citizenship. Over 90 full-length case studies in all.

Urban Transportation Showcase Proram  Currently writing full-length case studies for Transport Canada's on-line library of Canadian innovative transportation practices. 

Voluntary Measures Twenty policy case studies were prepared of voluntary initiatives for creating healthier indoor environments.



Best Practices

Why re-invent the wheel? One of the best ways of giving your program a head start, is to begin with best practice research or benchmarking. Cullbridge is routinely carrying out this sort of research so we are set up to do it cost-effectively. We have on-file recent best practice reviews covering the following outreach topics:

  • Active transportation

  • Home  energy conservation

  • Pesticide reduction

  • Program evaluation

  • Road safety

  • Sustainable transportation

  • Water conservation / efficiency 

  • Well stewardship


Tools of Change

Tools of Change Workbook

Workbook: Twenty six full-length case studies. Republished by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.  

Website: Over 90 full-length case studies Covering environmental, health and safety topics. 

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Cullbridge has supported the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in delivering and managing its active transportation programs and in developing related case studies and articles.  

Transport Canada

We are currently writing case studies for Transport Canada's Urban Transportation Showcase Program clearinghouse. 

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