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Healthy Indoors Partnership

The Challenge

In Canada no single agency has been responsible at a national level for indoor environments and their impacts on health and productivity. Rather, the responsibility has been fragmented across a number of agencies such as Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Health Canada, and Public Works and Government Services Canada. Further, a wide range of stakeholders are involved in creating and maintaining healthier indoor environments - from architects, builders and engineers, to purchasing agents, HVAC consultants, and building cleaning staff and services. This situation had been a key obstacle to promoting healthier indoor environments in Canada. The challenge was to engage the key stakeholders in working more closely together to support improvements across the country. 

Our Approach

CULLBRIDGE was invited by Pollution Probe to co-lead this work, which grew out of our earlier work together on Voluntary Measures. Together, we secured funding and participation from key government and industry organizations, and carried out the project.

Best Practices Review

Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement

  • Developed a draft, national, multi-stakeholder strategy for discussion, harmonized with the U.S. EPA's Healthy Buildings - Healthy People process.

  • Created and facilitated an on-line consultation and community-building forum

  • Facilitated three day-long face-to-face forums in Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax.

  • Published an e-mail newsletter to report progress and related Indoor Environment news and resources

  • Revised the draft strategy and formulated action plans based on the comments received.

Establishment of the Partnership

  • Facilitated one year of organizational meetings during which we brought together a Steering Committee of key stakeholders that eventually became the Board of Directors 

  • Developed the new organization's draft mission, vision, business plan, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws for the formation of the new organization

  • Incorporated the new organization as a not-for-profit

Organizational Development and Management

  • Developed a brand and visual identity for the new organization

  • Developed a membership and privacy policy,  membership package and Annual Report

  • Launched HIP to professionals through a series of workshops, conferences and articles in trade magazines.

  • Provide ongoing Executive Director services to the new organization

  • Created and continue to develop and maintain a new Website for the organization, including a clearinghouse of related resources and news,  at

  • Continue to write an e-mail newsletter to report progress and related Indoor Environment news and resources


This was a joint project of CULLBRIDGE, Pollution Probe and the Summerhill Group. We have since involved over a dozen sponsors and thirty supporting partners.


Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement

  • Twelve sponsors and 30 supporting partners;

  • Over 160 participants at face-to-face forums; and

  • About 1,000 on-line participants who, on average, each downloaded the discussion documents once and viewed an average of eight web pages of information.

Work of the Partnership

In 2003, HIP moved from being a vision to an on-the-ground organization with members carrying out projects across Canada. 

  • HIP's Research Committee consolidates and integrates the activities of national research and technology organizations.  In 2003 it conducted a stakeholder and expert consultation forum that brought together eighty experts to establish Canadian knowledge and research needs related to mould in the indoor environment. The Committee also started a Directory of Research Experience.

  • The Marketing Committee helped launch HIP and organized the first of an ongoing series of special inserts in the media focused on indoor air quality. 

  • The Guidelines and Best Practices Committee began its work of developing  guidance in the form of guideline and best practice documents for the design, construction, commissioning, operation, management and maintenance of buildings that enclose living and work spaces.

  • The Education and Outreach Committee  helped launch HIP, and brought together a team of organizations to help implement a Canadian version of the popular U.S. EPA IAQ Tools for Schools.


Healthy Indoors Partnership (HIP) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes healthier indoor environments in Canada through multi-stakeholder collaboration. We connect people, ideas and resources from government, industry, educational and research institutions, and public interest groups to collaborate on common indoor environmental health issues. Together, we are accomplishing more than any of our members could alone.  


Best Practices Review

We first conducted an In-depth review of the legal aspects of indoor air quality, an analysis of market drivers and barriers, and a review of twenty carefully selected voluntary initiatives and key elements for success. Based on this information, we developed a draft national strategy emphasizing voluntary initiatives

Stakeholder Engagement

The consultation engaged over 160 participants at face-to-face forums, and about 1,000 on-line participants. The later each downloaded the discussion documents once and viewed an average of eight web pages of information.

Managing the Partnership

Cullbridge helped birth and provided ongoing Executive Director services to the new organization. This included strategic planning, Board development, writing and distributing HIP newsletters, and developing / maintaining HIP's website. 

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