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Healthy Housing

The Challenge

To help Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) develop a national communication strategy for its Healthy Housing initiative, and increase awareness of CMHC as an information company.  The Healthy Housing initiative promotes environmental responsibility, resource and energy efficiency, occupant health, and affordability for Canadian housing.

Our Approach

CULLBRIDGE™ put together a consortium of social marketing and industry experts to complete this important project within the client's one month time frame.  On the basis of national interviews, surveys and focus groups, and an audit of existing communication materials, strategic recommendations were developed for the Corporation and its key audiences.


Our primary partner on this project was Manifest Communications.  We also appreciate the collaborative assistance of Conservation Technologies International, Drerup Armstrong, Envirodesic Inc., and Fisher, Leff & Associates.


"The Healthy Housing Initiative is now our corporation's premier communication initiative.  Its information products are some of our most requested publications, our 1999 Consumer Survey found that 29% of adult Canadians have heard of the term "Healthy Housing", and we have waiting lists in every province for our Healthy Housing workshops for industry professionals. "

Sue Ann Rothwell, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation



Our Clients Speak for Us

"The consulting team accurately identified our audiences' key concerns and how to best position our messages. They gave us a very sound understanding of how to develop materials that get the attention of consumers and the trade, and that motivate them to take action. They helped generate ideas for successful new products that we have since developed, and provided us with benchmarks against which to measure our progress. Their work was superb. We continue to refer back to it again and again."

Sue Ann Rothwell, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Healthy Housing became CMHC's premier communication initiative.

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