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Cullbridge has established an outstanding track record with private sector, government and NGO clients, large and small, such as:

Private Sector

  • Action Environnement

  • Bell Canada

  • by dEsign Consultants

  • Envirodesic™ Certification Program

  • GLPi

  • Junxion Strategy Inc.

  • LURA Consulting Group

  • Manifest Communications

  • Marbek Resource Consultants

  • Nortel Networks

  • Priority Ventures

  • Toxics Recovery Systems International (TRSI)

  • Viridis Environmental

Government Organizations and Crown Corporations

  • BC Hydro

  • Canadian Council on Human Resources in the Environment Industry

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

  • Climate Change Secretariat (Canada)

  • City of Coquitlam (British Columbia, Canada)

  • City of London (Ontario, Canada)

  • City of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

  • City of Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada)

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)

  • Environment Canada

  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities

  • Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) (British Columbia, Canada)

  • Health Canada

  • Industry Canada

  • King County (Washington State USA)

  • Manitoba Conservation (Canada)

  • Municipality of the County of Winchester(Canada)

  • Municipality of the County of Winchester(Canada)

  • National Research Council (NRC, Canada)

  • Metrolinx (Canada)

  • Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy / Energy and Infrastructure

  • OC Transpo (Ottawa-Carleton’s transit corporation; Ontario, Canada)

  • Public Health Agency of Canada

  • Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (RMOC) (Ontario, Canada)

  • Toronto Atmospheric Fund

  • Transport Canada

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

  • American Forest Foundation

  • Association of Pedestrian and Bicycling Professionals

  • Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention

  • Canadian School Boards’ Association

  • Canadian Solar Industry Association

  • Centre for Sustainable Transportation

  • Clean Air Foundation

  • Clean Air Partnership

  • EnviroSense

  • Green Communities Association / Green Communities Canada

  • Green$aver

  • Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

  • National Centre for Walking and Biking

  • National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy 

  • Nature Action

  • Ontario Nonprofit Housing Association

  • Pollution Probe

  • South Nation Conservation Authority

  • Standards Council of Canada

  • The Clean Nova Scotia Foundation

  • The Recycling Council of Alberta

  • The Recycling Council of Ontario

  • South Nation Conservation

  • Sustainable Development Technologies Canada

  • United Nations Environment Program

  • University of South Florida



Our Clients Speak for Us

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Healthy Housing: The consulting team accurately identified our audiences' key concerns and how to best position our messages. They gave us a very sound understanding of how to develop materials that get the attention of consumers and the trade, and that motivate them to take action. They helped generate ideas for successful new products that we have since developed, and provided us with benchmarks against which to measure our progress. Their work was superb. We continue to refer back to it again and again."

Sustainable Community Planning: "The consultants provided us with tremendous insight into consumer needs on this topic, and the willingness of particular partners to participate with us. They also helped us initiate and organize our initiative - from working out definitions, to designing our approach and setting priorities." 

Green Communities

"Cullbridge was very responsive to our needs, and worked well with the strong-minded individuals at each of the independent Green Community initiatives involved. The net result is that our project moved much further ahead, more quickly than originally anticipated."

Nortel Networks 

"Cullbridge helped focus us on each key aspect of strategy development. They provided an impartial, professional viewpoint that helped establish the basis for a cohesive, comprehensive program, and outlined a wealth of promising marketing options for us. The focus group sessions they led really got to the core of the main issues. As a result, our strategy was well founded and our program has been very well received at our pilot location."

Pollution Probe 

"When I was looking for someone to help us with our comprehensive report "Voluntary Measures for Achieving Healthy Indoor Environments", I thought immediately of Cullbridge because of their Characterization report. That report was ground breaking. It showed a deep understanding of the industry, tremendous foresight, and a remarkable ability to synthesize many complex and disparate factors.  They have brought these same qualities to our joint project."

Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton 

I have worked with Cullbridge now on five separate projects, and have always been very impressed with their grasp of the issues and their professionalism, and very pleased with the results."

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