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CULLBRIDGE™ offers research, strategy development, training and evaluation assistance for social marketing programs of all sizes - from  international and national campaigns to local community initiatives. We wrote and help maintain the widely acclaimed social marketing Web site Tools of  Change: Proven Methods for Promoting Health and Environmental  Citizenship, were instrumental inn the formation for both the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) and the Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA) ,and are a recognized leader in the development of community- based social marketing approaches. 

Representative Projects

Best Practices in Reducing the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides on Residential Property    Researched the relative effectiveness of outreach / social marketing approaches being used in Canada, USA and Europe for reducing the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential property, both with and without legislative intervention (e.g. pesticide by-laws.)

Best Practices in Monitoring and Evaluating the Impacts of  Social Marketing Programs  Contacted  well over 100 ‘experts’ from all six of the world’s major continents, and reviewed fifteen international examples of best practices in the area.

Car Heaven  Evaluated the Clean Air Foundation’s Car Heaven program, a social marketing initiative that promotes earlier retirement of older, more polluting vehicles.

City of Toronto  20/20  Conducted a best practice and market research literature review for 20/20  The Way to Clean Air – a social marketing campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from homes and personal vehicles in Greater Toronto. Our project report summarized, for each of twelve high potential opportunities: target audiences and their current perceptions, motivators, barriers, and best practices. Helped pilot test the campaign. Updated and revised the “Connector” section of the participants’ Planner to increase its ease of use and impact, and to extend its reach to cover all of the Greater Toronto Area. 

Clean Air Day  Helped Environment Canada and the Clean Air Day Steering Committee assess options for Clean Air Day.

Clean Air Public Engagement Programs Conducted an inventory and assessment of public engagement activities in support of clean air across Canada. 

Community-Based Social Marketing Tool Kit   Developed, tested and disseminated practical information on community-based social marketing tools for promoting environmental citizenship.

City of London Prepared a chapter for the City's Waste Management Plan Identifying attractive social marketing opportunities.

Climate Change Public Education and Outreach. Developed various research and strategy papers for the Public Education and Outreach (PEO) and Municipalities Issue Tables of Canada's National Climate Change Process.

Energy Innovators Survey   Provided recommendations on how to better support member school boards in making energy efficiency improvements through the Energy Innovators Program.

Envirodesic™ Certification Program   Provided a variety of market research,  strategic alliance development, and media relations services for a program that certifies products and services promotes healthier new company developing a new market.

Green Communities Served as a social marketing advisor and trainer, developed a social marketing toolkit for use by the communities, and provided ongoing planning and implementation assistance. We also conducted the initial public research and strategy recommendations for the Green Community Association's new  well stewardship program. 

Green Commute  Assisted Nortel Networks in developing a program for engaging its employees to carpool, telecommute, walk, bike and/or skate to work more often.

Healthy Housing Helped Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) develop a national communication strategy for its Healthy Housing initiative, and increase awareness of CMHC as an information company.

OC Transpo   Helped Ottawa's transit corporation pilot, for the first time in North America, a home visit program for increasing ridership and improving its public image.

Sustainable Community Planning Developed a national strategy for our client to use, in cooperation with its partners, to engage consumers in adopting more sustainable community planning alternatives.  Five product concepts were tested, and strategic directions for each were recommended.

Synthesis of the Community Animation Program (CAP) Provided a national synthesis of the approaches taken and lessons learned from CAP, a community-based environmental health animation program, run cooperatively by Environment Canada and Health Canada. 

Tools of Change Web site  Founded on the principles of community-based social marketing, this site links a growing bank of case studies and ‘lessons learned’ with planning guides and worksheets, to help program planners and implementers learn more quickly from their collective experience. It highlights approaches that have been particularly successful so that they can be replicated and built upon, as well as "turnkey" programs that have been ‘pre-packaged’ for use by others. The site is full of examples that are presented to each user in a customized manner, according to his or her interest profile. Users can save their planning work between sessions, and can download the resulting draft plans and work summaries to common word processors for further refinement.

Wood Smoke  Conducted a survey of 33 dealers, manufacturers and other industry representatives in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, to help scope out the possible development of a wood burning appliance change out program. Reviewed the performance of past residential wood stove change-out / education programs, and served as a key strategist for assessing the feasibility of and then planning for a national residential wood combustion program. One study was in collaboration with the Clean Air Foundation; the other was in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention and Action Environnement.

Workplace Health  Assisted Toronto Public Health in designing its approach to workplace health promotion. Conducted three separate phone surveys of: (1) other public health units in Canada and the USA, (2) Toronto workplaces, and (3) internal stakeholders. 



Workshops, Webinars, Coaching

Cullbridge offers popular presentations, workshops, webinars and coaching sessions on planning and evaluating social marketing programs. We also offer case study webinars of leading edge social marketing programs. Available worldwide.  

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Tools of Change

Tools of Change Social Marketing Workbook

Workbook: Covers environmental social marketing. Download PDF

Website: Covers social marketing of environmental, health and safety issues.

Best Practices

Why re-invent the wheel? One of the best ways of giving your program a head start, is to begin with best practice research or benchmarking. Cullbridge is routinely carrying out this sort of research so we are set up to do it cost-effectively; we may already have found and documented many of the best programs in your area of interest. We have on-file recent best practice reviews covering:

  • Active transportation

  • Home  energy conservation

  • Pesticide reduction

  • Road safety

  • Sustainable transportation

  • Water conservation / efficiency


International Social Marketing Assoc.

isMA logo

We have been instrumental in development of both the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) and the Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA). More

Transportation Social Marketing Guides

Social marketing Handbook

Cullbridge led development of a free new social marketing guide available online from Transport Canada ("Changing Tranportation Behaviours: A Social Marketing Planning Guide") and contributed to "Effective Strategies to Influence Travel Behaviour: Practical Guide" published by the Transportation Association of Canada.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Cullbridge helped research and plan CMHC's Healthy Housing and Sustainable Community Planning consumer outreach initiatives.  

Green Communities

We have contributed to the growth and effectiveness of Canada's Green Communities initiatives.

Pesticide Reduction Best Practices

We researched the relative effectiveness of outreach approaches being used in Canada, USA and Europe for reducing the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential property.

Pesticide Reduction Outreach Round Table

Cullbridge co-sponsored, helped organize, and presented a session at a forum on public education strategies to encourage active, pesticide-free gardening. 

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Cullbridge has supported the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in delivering and managing its active transportation programs and in developing related case studies and articles.  

City of Ottawa

Cullbridge conducted best practice reviews and developed strategy for four chapters of the City’s transportation demand management (TDM) plan. We also developed its staff TDM strategy. 

City of Toronto

We conducted a best practice and market research literature review for 20/20,  a campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from homes and personal vehicles.

Nortel Networks

Cullbridge assisted Nortel Networks in developing a program for engaging its employees to carpool, telecommute, walk, bike and/or skate to work more often.

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